I do want to know what love is but I don’t know what it is anymore I think I have lost my way, I don’t know what love feels like anymore either bc I have been hurt too much, when I listen to that song I want to know what love is by Foreigner  I don’t know if I should feel happy or sad bout the song, I feel like I’m drowning in sadness or into a sea of blood from my broken heart that has been shattered to pieces, I don’t I can be fixed all I want to do right now in this moment is cry and drink but right now all I do is eat and eat then there’s I can’t sleep which I don’t know why, so for now I think I will just cry myself to sleep bc I know this pain will never go away it will only stay forever, maybe I think I want to know what love is but scared to find out or open up im bc afraid to get hurt again, I might as well just drown deeper and just go.



Your hand upon my hand your lips upon my lips your breathing speeding up is making me crave you more as I look into those eyes I see twinkle of light shining brightly in your eyes, I can’t help but stare into them hoping I would get lost into them, as I began to kiss you more let my hand roam across your back using them to pull your closer to me so the kiss could be deepened and let our tongues intertwine with each other, like it when you kiss me this way it drives me wild wanting me wanting you more and more wanting to tear your clothes off you and make see hot steamy love with you until the morning light, but during our hot steamy sex I kiss you all the way down to your stomach then work my way down to your sweet hot wet pussy and stop as I stop you groan at me saying why did you stop there, so I look up at your with my sexy grin and say it’s what I do to get a rise out of you then I began to blow cool air at your inner thigh sending chills up your body, I continue to work my way up to your hot wet pussy while using the tip of my tongue I flick my tongue across your pussy making you moan a little so I continue to lick and suck on your clit making you moan louder until you cum.

poems 2

(First Poem)

look what you made me do you made fall very hard for you, so i don’t know what to do so look what you just made me do again and again which is fall very hard for you


(Second Poem)

all you do is cause bad blood bc you always like to create all that drama drama so take it to your momma momma bc i’m through with all your stupid drama, so while you are at it go cry to your momma.

I want

I want love that last forever or like that song nothing gonna stop us now by: starship, when I look in your eyes I want to see a paradise with just me and the one I love, but  I don’t know if  that will happen bc I’m scared  that I might get hurt again, I can’t help that I’m a romantic  who like roses, candle light dinner, romance books, movies along with cuddles, picnic in the park, going to a pottery class to make your own or just to paint one, some one to work out with and we can laugh bout how silly we look doing it like zumba. I want that love with someone but I don’t know who it is or will be but I hope it will be magical the way I want it to be.


If I could write u a story I don’t know what it would be maybe it would be bout you and your beautiful beauty, which it happens to take my breath away because every time i see a photo of you I have to tell my heart to be still be still heart, but somehow I don’t like some of the things you post which kinda turns me away then I see a photo of you and it catches my eye and somehow brings me back to liking you more, somehow I don’t know what to do bout it I guess I will just keep having that crush on you I know it will never change but only stay the same.


What goes up must come down every time I’m close to you my heart beats faster and I don’t know what to do I guess that’s what my heart supposed to do.


You are my sun and my moon and everything in between that’s how much I love you, so stick around I will show you a thing or two.


Roses are red roses are blue honey is sweet but not as sweet as you, every time I look at you there you go taking my breath away which is everyday.




The rain is falling and I can hear it outside my window it just keeps falling then I hear the thunder rumble and the crash of lighting again and again wondering when will it stop so I can go outside. But it continues to rain, thunder and lighting so I sit here wondering what should do on this rainy day then it hit me maybe I should watch a movie and build and blanket fort in my room but then I realize how can I make a blanket fort in my room when I don’t know what to use. So I come up with a cleaver plan to make one and make the coolest fort I have ever made before I climb in and watch a movie with my drink and popcorn. But then I realize it’s just all in my head and wish I could do that still Oh how I miss making blanket forts.