Is it done

Is it done is it over the hurt and pain. I guess not BC I can still feel it and remember it all. Yes all of the pain that everyman that has come into my life causing me hurt and pain repeatedly. Idk if I will get over it fully BC it has been burned and cut into me deeply. Do I want to start fresh yes but I can’t BC of all the hurt and pain is in my way I guess somewhat protecting me so I wouldn’t take that chance of getting hurt again. I guess its better that way I don’t open myself up again or let my guard/wall down around my heart. BC if I did know I would just get hurt again or more like burned so its best I keep my wall/guard up around my heart and to never open myself up to guys every again. I knowing I could get hurt again and again repeatedly. Im done being hurt so I pulled up that mat to keep guys and ppl from walking all over me BC no more Miss Nice Girl. Its time to be honest or more like blunt honest.