Pink Warrior

I’m a fighter I’m a warrior a pink warrior that is, i know im sick with this disease but i know im not going to let it get me down, im going to fight fight fight until i can fight no more or until im free of it, this disease does not have me i have it im going to fight it and not give up so easy, when it knocks me down im going to get up and stand my ground and not let it push me around, i may lose hair but im not going to let it get me Down so i wear a wig, a hat, or a scarf to help keep my head warm, i may have scars from it all but i have herd what ppl do with those scars not only do they want to hide them but want design them with tattoos, when im done and i mean when im done with this disease i want ppl to know how hard i fought to win this battle but i know not all win this battle some fought hard and lost so to you im sry you lost but i some how i Know you fought your hardest.


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