Quick version of Chicken and Rice

My mom taught me this.
It can feed 1 to more ppl depending on how many cans of chicken is used, cream of chicken is used and rice. Any can chicken but i like Mark Members can chicken

1 Can of chicken or depending the number of ppl
1 can of cream of chicken soup depending the number of ppl
1 1/2 cups of rice- thats what i like

Get 2 pots out one for rice and the other for the can chicken n cream of chicken soup. Open the can of chicken, drain the chicken then put it in the pot and grab a fork to shred it. After that open the can of chicken soup and put it in along with bout almost half can of water. Its like making the soup with more chicken. Then turn on the stove to bout a 7 and stir and let it cook make sure to cover and check it every so often. Now put the rice on to cook or u can do that before the chicken stuff if u want. Let the chicken soup stuff cook till its cooked along with the rice. After all of its done grab a bowl or 2 start the rice on the bottom then spoon over the chicken soup mix and enjoy add salt for taste.


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