Fall is the time the leaves start to change and fall, fall is when the weather gets cool, then October rolls around its the time to show out support for the women and men who suffer from breast cancer, it’s also the month to help stomp our bullying bc it’s not nice to bully ppl not matter what size, shape, height, gay, straight , or whatever they are, so wear pink and orange to show your support, so be a PINK WARRIOR and a ORANGE WARRIOR so stand up and fight until you can’t fight more more or until its done and taken care of, when Halloween comes around the corner it’s the time to dress up as your favorite super hero, video game person or anything you want to be and go trick or treating for candy or just go to a Halloween party, fall is also the time to rake leave and carve pumpkins, then celebrate thanksgiving in November to give thanks for the food, thanks to god for the wonderful things he’s done for all of us, to thank our soldiers an our heroes like the police officers, our firefighters, our emt’s, doctors and the nurses at the hospital. So when fall comes around so enjoy the cool weather, playing in the leaves and carving the coolest pumpkins you can and show them off.


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