Princess Annabelle

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess name Annabella but some called her Anna or Bella who lived in a castle . She had beautiful long blonde hair with the most beautiful sparkly green eyes. When u looked into her eyes it’s like a sea of emeralds u could just stare into them all day long. She’s 5″-4 with a perfect body she filled out nicely at the chest with great strength in the arms. The most thing bout her was her beautiful lovely voice when she sang its sounded beautifully pure sounding and she can dance beautifully. One day Annabella woke up and decided to go into market to do a little shopping and to greet ppl. After her breakfast she hurried off to get ready to head to the market as soon as she was ready she went and told her parents where she was going. So out the door on her white horse she went off to the market while on the way there she starts singing a beautiful lovey song call amazing grace. When she arrived at the market she was just finishing up signing that song and ppl started clapping. Then she hops off her horse and ties it off and asked the young man to watch her horse and she would pay him when she got back. While walking through the market a little girl comes up to her and says hi Anna you sang that song so beautifully I wish I could sing like that. Anna tells that little girl you can sing good like that but it takes alot of practice bc I practice everyday and that’s how I got that good. Then she walks off to a stand were the old couple were selling fruits and she says man all that singing and ride made me a little hungry so she grabbed 2 apples even though she was going to only eat one aaple she would give the other one to her horse named Sapphire. So she paid the old woman and say I hope you 2 have a bless day and walks off. Just far off in the distance she sees this tall handsome brown hair blue eyed man looking at some flowers. So she slowly walks over there picking up some flowers and say wow this sure is a pretty day and some pretty flowers. Then says these are my favorite kind of flowers which are daisies but I also really like roses red ones and pink ones. While turning to the man next to her she says which one is your favorite. He stops and looks up at her staring at her sparkly green eyes and say wow has any one ever told you that you have such beautiful lovely green eyes that look like a sea of emeralds. She giggles and says yeah almost everyone I guess and now you have said it. Then says oh by the way I’m Annabella but they sometimes all me Anna or Bella but u can call me either one. He says wow ok Anna you have a lovely name and I’m Alexander but you can call me Alex. She says with a smile I like the name Alexander it’s a strong manly name. Alex say yeah that’s what I am a strong manly man and I’m also sweet, kind ,generous loving man with a good heart. 


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