The Girl I Loved

I’m going to tell you bout the girl I loved but now she’s gone. First off let me say this I’m Kate and I will be telling u the story. One day online I met this gorgeous girl her name was Stacie and it turns out she’s a trans-gender. Well we started talking and the moment that happen we some how clicked and I fell in loved with her. Then I looked at her photo and saw how gorgeous she was with her cute yummy lips and those sexy legs. So I tell her how beautiful she is and she doesn’t think she is beautiful but she is. Then she’s telling me how hot I looked and I’m telling her my ex said stuff but it was all bullshit lies. That’s when I start telling her bout my last relationship with my ex and what he did to me and she was shocked bout it. Then she tells me bout her and some how it made me love her more even thought she was a trans-gender and it didn’t bother me at all. One day she ends up deleting her profile online bc ppl were bashing and saying mean things to her bc of what she is and i asked her boyfriend  her email. So I email her to find out what happen to her page she tells me what happen. To sum it all up of the story. Some months later after talking to each other she breaks up with her bf bc he was saying things bout her behind her back and laughing bout it bc of what she was. That upset her and he shows up at her door wanting to propose to her but ended up getting his nose broke by her flat mate. She tells me this in an email then ends up moving back to live with her brother and telling me things are going great. When things weren’t going great that’s when days turned into weeks that when I haven’t heard from her. One day out of the blue I get a message online from her ex saying that she had overdoes and couldn’t take life anymore bc of the harsh words ppl said bout her. That day was a very sad day I cried and cried telling my self I could have saved her and that I loved her more than her bf at the time did. So every day from that day I still think bout that girl who I loved and will always love no matter what. Oh and I still some how have a photo of her on my computer.


One thought on “The Girl I Loved

  1. I’m sorry you lost her. I can see how much love you had for her. Cherish that photo, on days when you feel alone and sad look at it and remember the good times you shared and how you made her feel good when she was down. One day you will find someone like her and can start a new journey. Your writing is going great hun keep at it.


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