If You Were Stranded On An Island

If you were stranded on an island and were told you could only bring
1) person who would it be
1) food item what would it be
2) clothing item means shirt n bottom
1) weapon
1) hair accessory if u r a girl or you have long hair

Explain how you would get off this island using trees and if there are palm trees.

My answers
Me) my 1 person would be Orlando bloom, my food item would be big bag of grits, my clothing item would be a tanktop n shorts, my weapon would be machete, my hairs accessory would be a ponytail holder.
How would i get off the island i first cut down a tree then carve it out into a canoe maybe.


2 thoughts on “If You Were Stranded On An Island

  1. i like this, it makes me actually think lol. so let’s see I would…
    1) Can’t bring only one person cause I have 3 kids so I would have to bring my 3 kids.
    2) Food would have to be rice, I could hunt and fish for any meat I need.
    3) Tank Top and shorts
    4) Machete cause you need one for everything to survive an island
    5) scrunchy cause I cant live without one.

    I don’t think I would want to leave if there was enough food and I could build a shelter. I love living on Islands, have done without electronics for years and have done survival techniques so I would be able to find food and stuff to survive. But If I HAD TO LEAVE I would try and build a canoe or boat and try to make it to a land with people on it. Honest;y I would probably survive longer on the Island than in the ocean though so idk if it’s even worth trying to leave…lol

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  2. 1. my person would be ummm a close friend 2. my food item is peanut butter 3. my clothing item is edible panties and t-shirt – for the friend 4. my weapon is an axe — sharp and heavy but mostly useful as a tool 5. hair accessory is scissors
    6. the only way to get off the island using trees is to cut them down and keep a smoky fire going, to attract rescuers

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