Alex and Leah

The name is Alex I have long black hair I’m 5,”5″. I’m wearing long black leather pants with a ragged Rolling Stones tee. Oh and I’m gay.

I’m going to tell you bout this amazing hot chick named Leah. This girl is my roommate I love this girl a lot this girl has long blonde hair she’s 5,”2″. She is wearing short shorts with her pants unbutton and unzipped some with a pink tee that comes just above her belly button. This girl is my everything but she likes guys and she loves me too so she is bi and I’m k with it. Just the other night me and her were standing in the kitchen nude making out. Let me tell you something this chick can sure kiss and tongue kiss too. When she started kissing me it sent chills down my body like holy shit she’s good. Well there this island thing in the kitchen where me and her climbed on it and started dancing on it nude. While listening to bed rock by young money the song was great durning the song she lean back and kiss me which made me weak to my knees. Also durning the song I took a photo of Leah and she said you didn’t just take that photo and I said yes them she started chasing me thats when we end up on the floor making out and that’s when I ate her out.After the song ended the song the show goes on by lupe fiasco came on we started swaying and rubbing and fingering each other untill we came and the song ended. Then the song pour some sugar on me came on we started spraying sodas on us and making a mess I told Leah we need to clean this up before we go shower so we cleaned it up after the song was over. Then we hit the shower making out and fingering each other. After that we into town and got tattoos and Leah got her belly button pierced. Leah got a tattoo on her lower back that said sexy and I got a tattoo that showed my pride of being a lesbian. After that we left and went home.

The End


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