sound asleep

The name is Leah I have medium length brown hair I’m 5,”2″. I’m wearing my cute hello kitty tee with just my pink underwear. Oh and I’m bi
I’m going to tell u bout this amazing girl in my bed sound asleep Her name is Alex. I just love watching her sleep she sleeps so cute well I take that back she sleeps so sexy. Her stomach is kinda showing so i lean in exposing her belly some more with out waking her bc I know she’s a heavy sleeper. So after exposing her belly some I start kissing it and she starts to moan some so I stop and wait for her to get quite again. Then I start again kissing around her belly button then I stick my tongue in and out of it then stop to see if she notice but she doesn’t. So I continue doing that working my way down and noticing she’s not moaning or anything. I go hmm wow she sure is a heavy sleeper I wonder what will wake her. A couple a seconds later I figured it out so I slowly pull her underwear with out waking her and spread her legs apart some. Then lean in giving her pussy a kiss while running my tongue across her clit and looked up noticing her not moving or moaning so do it again still nothing. Go hmm maybe I need to do it more then stick my tongue inside maybe that will would work. So I start licking again then stick my tongue inside that’s when she jolted and say ohhhh yes baby that’s the spot. That’s when I look up seeing her looking at me and her saying mmmm don’t stop babe I like it when u do that. Then go back to licking her clit up and down slowly darting my tongue in and out then speeding up faster licking her hard. While sucking and nibbling on her clit some driving her nuts listening to her moan loudly and that’s when she says ohhhhh baby I’m bout to cum don’t stop go faster baby lick me good mmm yess that’s the spot. Next then u know she shoots aload of cum out and I lap it all up saying mmm damm u taste good baby I like. When I finished Alex gets up pulling me to her kissing me deep with tongue saying mmm I’m hungry. I say I take it u hungry for some of me while giggling Alex says mmm maybe I am I go maybe u are. So Alex grabs me saying oh I am sooo hungry for u while Kissing me wildly and tickling me and pulling my underwear off . Pulling my legs up and out so she could get a better view of my west dripping pussy and starts licking it up and down then darting her tongue in and out licking me fast and hard until I cum. When I did cum she licks it all up pulling me close to her and saying tired lets go back to sleep. So we go back to sleep util 11am then we get up and eat.
The end


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