Beyond the barricade…


Artist Within Me

I don’t think that I will ever be loved. She said. And what made you think so? I asked. I’m fat and I feel ugly. This is my friend’s story that I was narrating here. Okay, now you may say that that’s absurd and silly of her to think so, and trust me, that was my first reaction too. But now that I think of it, my friends, her point too is equally argumentative as is mine or yours. It’s natural of her to feel low about her heavy structure because that’s what we’ve been learning and grasping ever since our senses started working. WE are told over and over from a young age that long and slim structure is feminine, desirable, and attractive. And since she lacks it all, well, it’s obvious in her part to feel that she will never be loved as is one loved by a…

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