Fall is here thanksgiving is almost near. Its the time to gather around a table not just to eat turkey but to say what we are most thankful for. To be thankful for this place called earth who god himself created for us to live on. To be thankful for the pilgrims and Indians who created thanksgiving in the first place which was called the first thanksgiving. To be thankful for Our soldiers who risk there lives every day over seas to help keep us safe. Then there are some who dont get to celebrate this day bc they fought there hardes but end up losing there life in the war. So to those families we are very sry for your lost. To be thankful to be celebrating this day with family unlike some who dont have a family they are homeless, in an orphan or cant afford it. But dont be afraid to help out in a soup Kitchen serving Thanksgiving food to the homeless or donating food to orphanages or to the ppl who can’t afford alot. To be thankful for our farmers who grow these vegetables we eat at thanksgiving. So to all our farmers thank you for our fresh vegetables and the frozen ones. To be thankful to our love ones for taking the time to cook such a wonderful meal. For our love ones we thank you so much. Im Thankful for all those things and to be here.


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