The foreign princess

I met this foreign woman online i call her a princess. She asked me if i liked women i told her no idk what i am so she was ok with that. Well this pretty woman likes giving foot massages so i told her my feet were sore so asked if she could give me a foot massage she said ok. So she gives me one well more like pretend i told her i like it. Then we started talking on and off it turns out she really sweet. Well Thursday i message her we talked some then i ask her if i could get one of her good foot rubs she says yes. While she was giving me one of her pretend foot rubs i say Mmmm and i stop her and say sry i got to do this i sit up n pull her close then lean in and kiss her then says sry i shouldnt have done that Damn stupid me. She said no, you’re not stupid…i actually liked your kiss, your lips are so soft i wanted to kiss back. I kept telling her i shouldn’t have done that when i secretly liked it. She told me i was a bad goddess and that i should be punished. I Laughed and told her i liked her foot rub bc they felt good. After a few messages sent back and forth i said to her I lean in n kissed her again shit i got quit doing that.Then she lean in and started staring into my beautiful eyes slowly letting her lips brush Against mine while closing her eyes she gently kisses my lips. I said shit i have to stop but i cant bc i secretly like it. Then shes gone and im thinking i scared her off oh no i scared off the princess.


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