what upsets me

The guy u met on a dating site you start talking an getting to know each other. Then you start to really like him so u open your self up to him telling him your horrible past relationship and he feels sry for what happen to you. So everything is going great until a few months later at the end of January beginning of February he calls it off saying your moving to fast when hes the one doing it. He strings you along rips your heart out and feeds u bullshit garbage and your hurt really bad wondering what u did wrong.even though he said you 2 could be friends when that was a lie. You some how think he has left you for his ex gf bc he has mentioned he was talking to her when he was with u even thought u 2 haven’t met face to face. So you r left hurting and crying and into more depressed mode when a horrible thing happens to your parents they end in car accident and your taking care of your mom n stepdad.Then day turn in to weeks then months now is December somewhere almost to the end of the month he comes back saying hes sry he shouldn’t have let you go and that he still likes you and that he did leave u for his ex so u were right all along. So your thinking how r u suppose to react to that or act around him now that he wants you back. What should you do but all you want to do is cry bc the hurt has come back.


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