ahhh men are complicated

When a guys say he wants u back into his life and that he is sry that he left in the first place like he did and that he misses you. then wants to be with you and he loves you. Then why wont he take the time to get u back into his life or take the time to be friends with you to gain back your trust.but u dont know what to do bout it or if u should take him back after what he did to you. While trying to be friends with him he says i forgot to tell u that or sry i was busy but u didnt know he was busy when u message him. Let’s say if u did take him back would he say sry i forgot our monthly or yearly anniversary or your birthday what would think or do then.One day he says he sick and achey all over and u tell him it might be the flu so he takes something for then lays down but then decides to go hang out with his buddy instead of staying home to get better. So u think he was lying and bullshitting u now u cant trust him or dont wont to care anymore bout him. So you sit and u feel like crying but that means hes won or your just weak and letting him get to u.


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