Hot Steamy Dream

Chapter 1

One day while showering Alex notices there’s a bottle of old spice body wash. She picks it up and opens it to see what it smelled like then she starts to stare of into space off to a day dream. She dreams bout a guy she has had a crush on for a year or so. She dreams where she lying in his bed wearing his big t-shirt. Alex hears jay coming out of the shower so she sits up on her knees as jay come to the doorway with a towel around his waist and says what are u doing here and why are u wearing my t-shirt. Alex says oh I’m sry do u want me to take it off jays no that’s ok. She then gets up and walks toward him smelling him she knew that smell would drive her wild. He then notices that she is smelling him. He says what’s wrong she says nothing is wrong its just he says it’s just what she says it’s just that the smell of old spice body wash. Then there was a knock at the door suddenly her daydream disappeared she shuts of the water and said what her mom said its time to get out of the shower. She then lets out a groan like she didn’t want to leave the shower. Two weeks later Alex shows up at her friend’s party. She walks in and notices the guy she has a crush on is in the room Alex goes over and sits next to him. Alex then notices the smell of old spice coming from the guy she has a crush on name jay. She starts to stare off to space into that daydream again. Then jay notices that Alex has this weird look her face so he decides to nudge her. That’s when Alex snaps out of it and looks at him and said what jay looks at Alex and says are u ok u had this weird look on your face Alex said I did oh sry. Later that night it was time to go home when Alex got home she goes to her room and gets ready for bed outside the door she could hear her parents getting ready for bed. In her mind she plans how she would go into the bathroom to smell the smell old spice body wash so she wait until her parents go to bed and sneaks into the bathroom to smell the smell of old spice body wash then heads back to her room to go to sleep. She then lays her head down on her pillow goes into a deep sleep back to that dream where it had left off. In the dream where it had left off was where she had just told jay that the smell of old spice body wash drives her wild. Then jay eyes begin to widen and smile came upon his face so he moves in closer to her so Alex could smell him more which drover her more wild and making her kind of giggle. So jay leans in and started kissing Alex while they were kissing Alex starts removing jays towel and letting it hit the floor while they are still kissing Alex could feel jay getting hot and hard. Alex then pulls away some looking down at jay’s hard cock then jay notice that Alex was looking at it and says oh sry bout that. Alex looks up a jay smiling and starts continues kissing jay then slowly moves her hand down to jay’s hard cock giving it a squeeze jay lets out a moan in between the kissing and pulls away some looking at Alex and saying do that again. So Alex does it again but squeezes hard and pulls on it some jay lets out another moan but a little bit louder with his head kind of tilted back. After that jay couldn’t take it any longer so he picks up Alex And lays her on the bed kissing her on the lips then kissing her on her neck then her chest and sucking on her nipple one at a time then kissing her down to her stomach and licking her belly button and continues kissing her down her body in between her legs where her thighs were and stops. Then moves back to where her hot wet pussy was and begins licking her pussy that when Alex starts to moan so jay knew that he was doing something right to make her moan. Just as she was getting close to Cumming jay stop then puts his hard cock inside of her and begins to thrust slowly then a little bit faster. So Alex began to moan and said faster jay harder jay so he did what she told him to do he went faster and harder and he could feel her bout to cum. All of the sudden Alex lets out loud moan and came jay could feel her cum and she could feel all of his hot cum inside her. He pulls outs then lay’s next to her breathing hard just like her and says want to go again she says breathing hard yes but this time doggy style me and do really hard. So jay agrees and says u ready it turns out that Alex was already in the position she turns her head and looks at jay and says I’m ready so jay begins while jay was doing it Alex could hear this alarm going off and that when she woke from her dream saying damm u alarm clock grabbing it and throwing it a crossed the room then stumbling out of bed and going to the mirror and looking in the mirror say WOW what a hot steamy dream that was wish I could have finished it if it weren’t for that damm alarm going off.

The End


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