mashup story (page 2 part 2)

Buffy said we are ok just having fun Alex said u mean naughty fun Buffy said yeah. Then Alex leave to check on the others and it turns out that they are ok then pops back to where girls were. When she came back Kelly shows Alex this sex toy and say I’m going to use this on u and the rest of girls Alex’s eyes widen and lets out a low growl at Kelly. After they finished shopping they popped back to the room Alex said I will be right back so stay put. Alex pops home to see how everyone was Alex’s mom said where have u been Alex said oh I have been shopping with the girls and sry for not tell u Stacy said its ok but next time tell me Alex said ok. Later that night Alex quietly pops to the room were all the girls were waiting patiently naked for Alex to so Kelly said I though u weren’t going to come back Alex said me not come back I can’t do that and leave all u hot sexy naughty girls here without there surprise. They all giggled and said what’s the surprise oh I can’t tell u what the surprise then it wouldn’t be a surprise all the girls said ohhhh ok. So Alex pulls out this box and opens it and pulls out the customized dildo that she had some one make where two ppl could use it at the same time. Then pulls out another box were there was another one which was a four way. Jane say is it possible to use alex said I don’t know why don’t u pick some one to try it with so jane says I pick leah alex said ok leah u help. Then alex said I pick Kelly, mickey and jill to help me with this one and as for the rest of u girls u start eating each other out. Alex could hear them all moan while doing what they where doing. Later that night they all got tired and went to bed.

The End


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