mashup story (part 1)

Arriving in sunnydale at the house cross the street where Buffy lives Alex magically pops in Buffy’s house where Willow and Tara are and heals Tara back to life. Magically removing the blood splatter from Willow’s shirt Tara said hey I thought there was blood splatter stains on that shirt. Alex magically erases what had just happen to them then heals Buffy and pops her and xander in to the room while trying to pop spike back before he really left town. Alex could hear xander mumbling in the back ground and magically shut xander up and pops Spike into the room. Spike said hey I thought I was leaving town Alex says no u are not and your chip is fine I fixed it and she magically took away the thing he just did to Buffy that night and everything else. Then Alex says now u two are coming with me so she magically pops them off to a room by them self’s and say’s to Buffy u know u love spike just stop trying to hide it and magically for get what going on in her mind for a little while. Then pulls her hand out of her right pocket and hold its out flat and blows out gold powder at them and waits a second to see if they would get into action (as in sex). Then pops back into the room where Willow, Tara and xander were and say alright u two come with me xander u stay here and magically make’s him stay. Then pops into a room in a house and pulls out her hand again from her right pocket and opens hand out flat and blows gold powder at them. Alex starts fumbling through stuff then leaves the room and a girl comes in and notice willow staring at the picture on the night stand so she starts talking bout the picture on the night stand of Alex naked with two other girls and said she has this thing with her tongue. She told them if u want to have a three way just give her a call here’s her number as soon as Alex was bout done with xander and Anya her cell rings its willow. Alex answers her cell willow said hey umm as soon as willow said umm Alex pops into the room where willow and Tara were and said I think I know what u want and hangs up her cell. Then says just to let u know have this thing with my tongue that will make u weak willow said yeah we herd. Alex said oh u herd then magically removes willow and Tara’s clothes and brings out her really really long tongue and starts eating out willow like crazy until her cum. Then says by the way I’m Alexandria ppl call me Alex before Tara could say anything Alex begins eating Tara out like crazy just like she did willow. All of the sudden this girl name Jane comes in saying Alex I need your help so Alex said ok and got up and walked to the next room with all the girls saying we need help. One girl turned on an AC/DC song named Thunder Struck so Alex gets on a table standing up nude jamming with her guitar leaning back kissing a girl when another girl comes up trying to eat out Alex. But Alex’s stops her magically chaining her to the wall and saying I know u didn’t just try to do that. Then continuing jamming while willow and Tara sneak in to see what was going on. The song end and the song pour some sugar on me by Def leppard had came on Alex begins jamming again on her guitar and shaking up a bottles of soda and opening them to let them explode on the girls and herself. Then the song ends and Alex magically bring in a mechanical bull in and starts riding it while the song rocket by def leppard is playing. One the girls standing next to willow and Tara said she never been beat but right now we just like watching her boobs bounce. As the song ends Alex gets off and says what all the girls said nothing we just love the way u ride it and we love u and Alex said if that’s so then show me so the girl rushed over picks up Alex carries her to the bed room and closes the door. Standing out side the door was willow and Tara so they go back to there room Tara said wow there sure a lot of lesbians in that room and Alex is one of them. Not to long after being the room Alex goes and grabs Tara and willow and said come on we are bout to have a pillow fight I mean a nude pillow fight she giggles and says it always ends up when we start eating the hell out of each other well its me doing it b/c I do it so well then lets out a low sexy growl. After awhile Alex sneaks out to help finish unpacking the truck and putting all the guns in the glass cases in the big basement that was magically made for training. Jane wakes up looking for Alex so she couldn’t find her so she pops into Alex’s room scaring the shit out of her Alex said what are u doing here Jane said I woke up and got lonely b/c u left and Alex so come help the faster it gets done the faster I’m back with my hot sexy naughty girls. Jane giggles and say I love u Alex says if so then get over here and give me your best kiss so Jane went over there and gave Alex her best kiss which made Alex all hot. So they magically unpacked Alex’s stuff and popped back where the girls were which they were standing nude saying were did u go we missed u Alex said if so prove it so the girls picked her up laid her on the bed and started rubbing her body all over and saying we love u Alex and we love your amazing tongue and how u eat us out then Alex say u do why ty I love u all too and blows them all a kiss. Then gets up and starts tickling them and says this means tickle war. Then all the girls gasps saying oh no and ran Alex saying I’m going to get u all and eat u all out then all the girls giggled and said we like to see u try. Then Alex makes the fake faint having all the girls run to her aid and saying oh on Alex are u k then she opens her eyes and say I got u all now and giggles in the back Jane said aww that not fare with her cute pouting lips that make Alex get up and chasing her grabbing her and passionately kissing while other girls say we want some. So Alex say get in line if u want some so they did when she kissed each one she fonded with there boobs and grab there ass. Later that night they fell asleep nude around Alex.

The End


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