mashup story (second page)

Alex wakes up early in the morning looking around to see if all the girls were still sleeping. Then quietly pops out of the room back to her bedroom to change and go back to sleep. Two hours later was a knock on Alex’s door and Alex waking up saying WHAT i’m trying to sleep here? Her mom shouts back its time to get up so Alex lets out a groan and stumbles out of going to the door saying why do I have to get up b/c u need to help finish unpacking and said how did u get unpacked so fast Alex said well I used magic to help oh andante helped too. Alex’s mom said oh well come down here and help. Then Alex said wait I will get extra help like who Alex’s mom asked Alex said well my girls can help. Then Alex’s mom said oh how are they doing Alex said they are I will go wake them up and ask them to help. Then Alex’s mom said well good luck with that and hurries up. So Alex pops back to the room to wake up all the girls to get them to help. Alex wakes up the girls and ask them to help in the background Jane said if we help what do we get Alex said I will surprise you all then. So they agreed to help so they all popped over to Alex’s house down stairs to help when they arrived Alex’s mom Stacy said wow i’m surprised u got them to help. Then Jane yells from the back she said she has a surprise if we helped. Stacy said is that so well then let’s get started so they all started unpacking when they finished they all popped back to that room and walked to the kitchen saying man that work made us hungry. Alex said oh so u guys are hungry I will take care of that and something else then all the girls giggle and said oh we love u. Alex magically makes food for them to eat oh of nowhere Kelly says man I smell bad and all the girls said ewww that’s gross then giggled. Kelly says i’m going to take me a shower then Alex stops her and said no u are not not with out all of us and all the girls giggle and said yeah not with out us so to the showers then. They all ran to the showers taking there clothes off giggling and headed to the shower Kelly yells your it to Jill by smacking her on the ass. Jill yells oww that hurt Alex said no fighting Kelly said we are not fighting we are rough playing Alex’s eyes widen is that so then smacks Kelly on the ass Kelly giggles and kind of moans. Kelly reaches over and wraps her arm around Alex’s waist pulling her close kissing her passionately on the lips fondling with her boobs and grabbing her on the ass. The rest of the girls said hey we want some Alex said oh u want some I will give u some chasing them in the shower grab one girl at a time kissing them passionately on the lips fondling there boobs and grabbing there ass listening them giggle and moan saying ohhhhh we want more. Alex said I will try to give u more but what bout me they all picked up a bath cloth and started washing Alex listening to Alex moan they rinsed her off then they started kissing her body rubbing on her saying we love u eat us out. Alex said what the magic word they all said plz eat us out so she started chasing them around in the shower eating them out one by one until they cum. Kelly said ok I’m all clean now I’m going to get dressed Alex said it seems like u have something more important thing to do than be here with me and the girls Kelly says NOOOOO I don’t its just Alex said it just what Kelly said its just that I would like to go shopping for a new sex toy to use on u and the rest of the girls here. Then Alex said ok then let’s go so they all got dressed and popped off to look for new sex toys to use on each other and Alex. When they got there Alex cell goes off its her mom so Alex answers her cell say hey mom what’s wrong Stacy said u forgot bout the others Alex said oh shit I did and hangs up with her mom telling the girls I will be right back I forgot bout the others. So she popped to the room where spike and Buffy were standing outside the door and knocks and opens the door a little peaking in Buffy said oh u need any thing Alex said oh no i’m just checking in on u two


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