Green Eyed Beauty

Woah im going to tell you bout this blonde hair green eyed beauty. The names Derek and I saw this beautiful blonde hair green eyed girl who showed up at this party I was at. The moment she walked in the door and she looked in my direction I couldn’t help but look up in to her beautiful green eyes. When she looked at me with her beautifu That beautiful beauty of hers. To me she looked like a goddess whos probably taken and the guy she dating is a lucky man. When she came up to me she said to me with her southern accent who are you but all I could was stare BC a lump had formed in my throat. Then she asked me again and thats when I cleared my throat and said my name is Derek and who are you. She said my name is Lila in her southern accent thatl green eyes I couldn’t help being drawn to something bout those eyes and Sent chills up and down my spine. So the next thing she did was flash her gorgeous smile at me which made my heart skip a beat. Within that moment I had to know bout this goddess that was standing before me well which I thought she was but she had walked away to talk to the others. During the time at the party I couldn’t get the nerve to speak to her not even after the party was over. Then she was gone so I went To my friend Tommy and asked him to tell me bout Lila so he told me bout her and that she was single. So I said to my self I hope to see her again and maybe ask her out.


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