Hurt Angel

Alone in a dark room chained to a wall the sad angel sits there afraid and weeping. When she hears the foot steps of the mean man she get even more scared wondering what’s going to happen. Soon the door opens and lights come on the mean man comes in and starts hitting the sad angel like she some punching bag then he starts raping her then leave her alone in the dark again to weep in sad sorrow. This had gone on for 2 years the family of the sad angel had thought she had died. Until one day a handsome blonde hair blue eyed fireman broken in a saved the sad angel seeing her lay there black and blue all bruised up. So he goes and grabs his ax to use to break the chains to free the sad angel. After doing so he hears someone runs out there and grabs them and drags them into the room saying did you do this in his anger voice and the guy Starts to laugh yes I did that to that weak pathetic woman. After hearing that he grabs the guy and throws him against the wall and picks up the sad angel toting her outside while the cops go in and pick up the mean man cuffing him and hauling him to the police car. While outside the fireman lays the sad angel on the gurney inside the ambulance then gets in to ride with her to the hospital. After a while she is pushed into a room with tubes every where on her. The moment he comes in seeing her like that he starts to cry walking over to the bed sitting in a chair he picks up her hand carefully trying not to hurt the broken arm and wrist. He continues to cry and saying I wish I could have found you sooner but I didn’t and knowing now he hurt you badly and it breaks my heart. While sleeping the sad angel starts to have a nightmare her eyes start moving Rapidly and  begins breathing faster then she let’s out a scream waking up in fear wondering where she was. The blonde hair blue eyed fireman says to her it’s ok I’m here I’m here he can’t hurt you anymore more. After hearing that she looks over into his blue eyes and cries saying I hurt every where.  He then calls the nurse to come in to look at her and give her more pain medication. When the nurse arrived in the room he asked her what is broken and bruised.  She turned and looked at him saying well there’s no broken broken ribs or anything just a broken wrist and a few bruised organs along with the bruise on the face. After hearing that it mad him mad and he cursed under his breath trying not to frighten the woman.  When the nurse left he sat back down and asked the woman why are you dressed like an angel. She looked up at him and said heMade me dress like this and chained me to the wall so he could use me as a punching bag and rape me. All she could do was stare at him saying you have blue eyes like the Bahama blue water and he says ty beautiful princess. Soon the medicine kicked in and was off to sleep again with that nightmare coming back she woke up screaming and saying no more sleeping for awhile. While sitting there he couldn’t take it anymore knowing that she won’t be able to sleep for a while he got up to lay down next to her carefully trying not to hurt her he wrapped his arms around her saying I’m here to protect you from now on leaning towards her kissing her on the forehead saying now sleep my beautiful princess I will protect you.  After sleeping for a while she started to get hungry and wondering where that handsome fireman went to. Then a few minutes Later he comes in with a bowl of grits  and sits down in the chair saying I hope you like grits bc they are my favorite. When hearing that she goes there my favorite too the cheese ones and the ones with bacon. He looks at her with that gorgeous smile of his saying I like those too and putting alot of bacon in them. She then tries to reach for the bowl and couldn’t bc of the pain in her wrist so he starts to feed her telling her stories of how he became a fireman.


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