Bucket List

1)see Hanson in concert

2) lose weight

3)go on cruises

4) meet my man(Done)

5) see loverboy in concert

6)see journey in concert

7)see pat benatar in concert

8)maybe get married

9)go on romantic dates

10)get Vera Bradley stuff

11)see the nutcracker

12) see REO Speedwagon in concert(Done)

13) maybe get my David Tutera wedding dress

14) have me a southern wedding but southern to its true roots

15) have my sisters songs played at my wedding

16) dance like nothing

17) bake till my heart contents

18) see Katy Perry in concert

19) see AC/DC in concert(Done)

20) see Boston in concert(Done)

21) see foreigner in concert(Done)

22) see Charlie Daniels band(Done)

23) see Styx in concert(Done)

24) see night ranger in concert

25) see def leppard in concert

26) dance in the beauty and beast ballroom with a handsome Prince charming

27) see quite riot in concert

28) See Rolling Stones

29) Go To Disney For My Birthday(Done)


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