Come Back

You Have come back and expected everything to be the same when its not because it’s plain and everything will never be the same. You hurt me once and you might hurt me twice but now you say you see a possible future with me when I asked did you see one with me before and all you could say was maybe before but now I am sure. If you had seen one before you wouldn’t have left me but you did and it hurt me so much I cried BC I wanted it to work. You tell me you love me expected everything to be okay when it’s not okay because I’m not happy right now. Ever since you came back my feelings and emotions have been on nothing but a crazy rollercoaster of up and downs and around. Now I feel like I’m leading you on because you had asked me if I wanted to be with you and all I could say was yep when I was only kidding myself because I couldn’t say no because that would hurt you and me Well mostly you but I would just end up crying. Well as of right now I’m not happy at all with things


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