A story for a friend

Sitting at a table in the corner in a bar is a young guy name Fran who happens to see a large amazonian woman walk through the door. While staring at her he kinda got turned on by just the thought of those big hands all over him hold him down and making him squirm and beg. After sitting there day dreaming he was interrupted by the amazonian woman hearing her say you young and cute I think I will take you home with me. So she grabs his hand and leads him out the door with no questions asked taking him home to her place. When they got there she demanded him to strip his clothes off after seen him take his Time she said never mind I will do it so she rips his clothes off then picks him up toting him up stairs over her shoulder to the bed room where she chains him in the middle of the room to punish him and do hard naughty things to him. While being chained up he started to get ever more hard and wondering what this amazonian woman was going to do to him. The first thing she does is paddle him with a black leather paddle on is small but sexy ass while pushing a pink dildo up his tight ass turning it on and leaving it. Then she gets an idea so she grabs heavy weighed silver balls and attach them to his Dick along with his balls bring him pain and pleasure. When she did that he let out a loud moan and she knew she was doing something right. So she continued to paddle him with the black leather paddle occasionally pulling on the weights and pushing on the pink dildo farther up his ass bring him more pain and pleasure. After all that she unchains him then chains him to the bed and has her naughty way with him by holding him down and fucking him.


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