Be Enchanted

The moment she walked into the room as she passed me I catch a whiff of this amazing smell coming from her which caused my heart to race. I quietly walk up to her and whispered into her ear whats that wonderful smell you are wearing she turns around just a few feet from my face and quietly say be enchanted. Oh boy was I enchanted by her smell, her smile and the fact how close she was to my face where I just could lean in and kiss her but I couldn’t do that in front of everyone. So I carefully lead her outside behind a tree and kissed her slowly then deeply and short but I had to stop BC I didn’t wont to scare her off. She looks up at me trying to catch her breath and says why did you stop I looked at her with my wicked grin that made her bite her lower lip. When I saw that I dove in and kissed her harder, deeper and longer which made her moan softly which also turned me so i keep kissing her while rubbing her back under her shirt. Then she slow unbuttons and unzips her pants letting me carefully put my hand in to rub her wet pussy which made it even more wet when started rubbing it. While rubbing her pussy she slowly unzips my pants then pulls out my hard cock and starts rubbing it. Then we where interrupted by ppl calling our names before we could even finish so we carefully come back to the party acting like nothing happened in front of everyone.


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