Chris surprise


Today was Chris’s day off he had in weeks so he gets up early to fix his gorgeous wife Marissa a nice good breakfast while she got ready for work. When she finished getting ready she came into the kitchen to see that her husband fixed her a nice breakfast not just for her but for both of them. Chris sees her come in and walks over to her giving her a kiss say breakfast is served my beautiful love. While walking to the table Marissa says wow you should do this more often with a big smile on her face. Chris stops and looks at his wife then says I wish I could but we both get up early to go to work and thats kinda hard to do when we are both trying to rush to get ready. She then looks at him while sitting down to eat and says well thats true BC we both are exhausted after we get home from work all we want to do is eat and go to bed. After eating Marissa leaves to go to work which leaves Chris at home to clean up the kitchen while cleaning the kitchen Chris decides to clean up the house and figure out what to cook for dinner. Then he gets this idea of why not surprise Marissa with a nice dinner and a bouquet of flowers on the table or why not send some to her work with a note saying there’s a surprise for her when she gets home. After cleaning Chris leave to go to the grocery to get stuff to fix for dinner then leaves to go to the flower shop to pick out flowers for his wife to have them sent to her work with a note attached To it saying there’s a surprise waiting for you when you get home my beautiful love then gave them her work address and her name. When that was done he left and went home to put the groceries up then nap for a little while and dreaming of his hot gorgeous wife with her long blonde hair flowing down her shoulders looking at him with her emerald green eyes. Then he was woken by his phone going off to realize it was his wife calling him to thank him for the beautiful flowers and to find out what the surprise was but he wouldn’t tell her BC she would just have to wait until she got home. After cooking dinner and setting the table Chris gets another idea why not get candles and put them around the tub and get it ready to be filled up with water. While sitting on the couch waiting for his wife to get home Chris started to get horny thinking bout doing his wife in there bathroom in the tub they hardly use Imaging her big boobs bare right in front of him. Then he hears the door open and gets up walking to her helping her get in and putting the flowers down along with her stuff he then picks her up and totes her to the bed room sitting her down on the bed while he goes and fills up the tub putting lavender oil in there along with lighting the candles. When finishing that he comes back into the room and sees his wife laying down so he walks over to her picking her while taking her clothes off her. Then he totes her the bathroom carefully trying not to wake her just yet he carefully puts her in the tub and thats when she woke up she said going whats going on he tells to relax and soak for a while. After telling her that he picks up one of her feet and starts massaging it while drifting into a naughty day dream of him sitting behind her massaging her shoulders and kissing her neck. Then he was interrupted by his wife saying what are u thinking bout and says I will show u so he gets up taking his clothes off and getting in the tub behind her. When he got in he started to massage her shoulders and kissing her neck which started to turn them both on. While getting aroused Marissa reaches down grabbing Chris’s Simi hard cock and starts rubbing it which made Chris stop rubbing her shoulders and start rubbing her pussy making her more aroused. When Marissa couldn’t take it anymore she gets up some sitting her pussy right over Chris’s now hard cock and slowly sitting down pushing cock slowly and deeply into her pussy. After the cock was buried deep into her pussy they both just sat there for a little bit while enjoying the pleasure. Marissa then began to slowly slide up and down Chris’ cock as his hands reach to caress her boobs and play with her nipples. At the same time she reachs her hand to rub and tug on his balls as she picks up the pace on riding his cock. As she gets closer to orgasm she moves faster and faster. Sensing this Chris begins to lightly pull on her nipples which drives her crazy and wild Oh Chris she moans. Oh baby she shouts here I cum and she moans with pleasure. as she begins to cum Chris explodes and fill her pussy with his hot creamy cum. Once the feeling has died down they do not move and Chris holds her in is arms while his cock goes limp while he continues to be still inside of her.


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