Story Behind

Im going to give you the story behind my blog name It started with a girl who was transgender mtf I had met her online oh boy did she make me happy yes she did. She made me very happy when I talk to her my heart would sing I write bout her dream bout her but it turns out she lived on the other side of the world and she had a bf. Every day at least I will talk to her for a while telling each other bout ourselves or what happened that day until it was time to get off. Everyday I would get on to see if she was on and when I saw her on I was happy like everything melted away. One day I get on and she was gone so I messaged her bf to find what had happen so he gave me her email address and I sent her an email asking what had happened she had told me she had to delete her account because of the harsh things people said about her all because she was transgender. To get to the point after awhile she quit talking then her bf messages me telling me she od committed suicide. When I herd that I broke down in tears I cried so hard I told myself i wish I could have told her how much I loved her boy did I love her I did a lot to the moon and back to the stars and havens above to the Galaxy and Beyond she was my sun and my moon. So I still write bout her and other things thats why I decided to create a blog and when I did I came up with the blog name I did it after her she means the world to me even though she’s gone but not from my heart and mind. I love her.


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