Bad Ass

After having that talk from that guy Erick jade started to see things clearly. Months before jade would be upset sad and in tears but not anymore after that talk. Jade started working on losing weight and becoming bad ass wearing black leather pants, black shirt and here black leather jacket. Jade got tired of being the girly girl and getting hurt so she became a bad ass who’s like pussy and cock. One day jade decides to Get a job which was at a club were she met a hot chick name layla they be came very close. As months went on by someone brought her friend Erick by along with his girlfriend to the club during the day. A few mins later jade shows up on her bike (the one that looks like the one from dark Angel) anyways she gets off her bike pulling her helmet off shaking her hair free. She then walks up to the club seeing her friend standing there she says well well well look who’s here I would hug you but then was cut off when layla came out going hey baby your here. Then says well after that talk we had I have changed a lot while saying that she walks into the club with them following her continuing to tell them I have become a bad ass hottie. When layla herd that she said you damn straight and that’s when jade grabs layla and kisses her deep on the lips. After that jade said I like pussy and cock now oh and no more miss nice girl then yells at the bartender I want my usual the bartender yells back saying the bar is closed so jade yells back I don’t GIVE A DAMN I WANT MY DRINK. Then whisper in to layla’s ear go get my drink so layla gets her drink and comes back when she came back jade looked at layla and said are u wearing that today layla looked at her and said yeah. Jade goes no you ain’t go change now go put on a skirt layla yells back I don’t wear skirts jade yells back so go put one on now or unless you want me to punish you. Then looks at her friend and says excuse me while i take care of this I might want to change too. So Back in the lounge jade changes layla clothes by putting her in a leather skirt and a black shirt but layla wasn’t going to wear it but jade got her to after punishing her sexually. So they come back out and jade goes I need a pair of scissors so her friend Chris comes up and say I will do it what do u need jade says cut half of that shirt off. Then layla protest by covering up her stomach saying I don’t like it jade says I like and we need to get that bellybutton pierced. So layla protest again saying no but jade said its OK I got mine done then lifts up her shirt showing them. Jade says I will make sure it doesn’t hurt as bad and it will look good trust me then kisses layla again while rubbing her down there in front of them. After that jade turns to them and say I have changed and there’s no going back for me BC you Erick have helped open my eyes so i see things clearly now so no more miss nice girl its bad ass hottie now. Then walks off with layla then turns around to him and flips him off saying good luck with that BC I got what I need is hottie right here to eat out everynight. So jade kisses layla again in front of them saying mine with a sexy smirk.


One thought on “Bad Ass

  1. This is also very personal. It would be interesting to see the people cope with some problem, overcome some obstacle, achieve some goal. What would they like to do, out in the world?


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