Island lover

Its been a week on the island I decide to go lay out in my hammock to read and relax. Few hours have gone by my beautiful gorgeous loving gf Leah decides to come out and visit me in my hammock while im reading. (Oh by the way Katrina)whileim reading Leah decides to climb in the hammock to kiss and rub my wet pussy until Cum to get me to stop reading some to spend some time with her. So I let her rub me while we make out until had Cum all over her fingers then we licking them clean. After that I want to take off my swimsuit so I let her do it for me by unzipping the top first letting my big boobs fall out near her face then unzipping the bottom and taking them off. Leah looks at me saying im thirsty I said here have a drink so let her drink milk from my boobs and she loved. While continuing to drink the milk I run my fingers through her hair playing with it and getting turned on. After she finished drinking I moved down there to eat her out I start out pulling her bottoms off, rubbing her pussy some to get her wet then I started licking her pussy up and down then sticking my tongue in deep making her moan and scream my name oh yes Katrina lick it good along with that nub. So I started licking that nub hard and fast and making her moan louder shouting out my name OH YES KATRINA right there that spot lick it faster harder. After I made her Cum I climbed up to her kissing her deep letting her taste her own Cum out of my mouth. Then we laid there nude cuddling and kissing each other until Leah said she was thirsty again so I let her drink some more milk from my big boobs.


One thought on “Island lover

  1. A bit too explicit, really. I mean, everyone has sexuality, it’s an everyday kind of thing. And people like to read about things that are remarkable. Like where you’re on the edge of your seat, with no idea what is going to happen next.


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