Ppl Can look at me and think shes happy and everything is OK with her but their wrong im not happy im sad and depressed, I feel like I have failed everyone and im the dumb girl who cant do anything, im the last to know everything BC if I knew first I probably wouldn’t shut up bout it, im constantly reminded of the fact I don’t have a job and they think I sit on my butt and do nothing all day and thats not true I do help out and do stuff, I have ideas but I cant do anything with them BC I don’t have high school diploma or a college one either so I cant do those ideas or even tell anyone bout those ideas BC they probably look at me and think how stupid that is, I want to do something but I can’t I don’t have money a job all I have is this DAMN disability thats keeping me from do anything, some times I dream of committing suicide and it never happens BC ppl are always trying to stop me, why stop me when u probably be happy that u wouldn’t have to put up with me anymore, sometimes it plays in my mind I don’t know what its trying to tell me, im so hurt all I want to do is cry and cry.


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