I hope this is right

ppl come and go but what happen in orlando shouldn’t have happen at all but it did. its been said the man’s wife knew bout it but didn’t do anything to stop it from happening. if she had told on him and had him put in jail that shooting would have never happen but she didn’t say anything she kept it to herself. we need to learn to love not hate nor discriminate just bc of what we are or who we are i guess. do you think war is going to solve anything no just like in that song (War- By Edwin Starr)  War, huh, yeah What is it good for Absolutely nothing it Cause means destruction Of innocent lives so like i said war doesn’t solve anything. why create war when should spread peace and love not hate nor bitter. spreading hate and bitter is not going do anything but spreading peace, love and hope does do something it makes ppl feel good. just recently in orlando there was a 2 year old who gotten eaten by an alligator which the parents didn’t know it was going to happen bc the alligator came out of nowhere and grab the kid and took it in the water and killed it.  for those who died in that shooting I’m sry that happened to me each and everyone of y’all are unique amazing loving caring ppl who just wanted to have fun and be themselves in this world of hate and bitter. to the kid who got ate by the gator I’m sry that happen i just wish there wasn’t any gators in that lake no matter what even if its florida even though they are know for alligators. i also herd there was a beautiful singer who was shot by a crazy fan which i think is sad but i never herd of her so to her family I’m sry for your lost. so i will say this- lord hear my prayer plz keep the ones that went to heaven over the weekend along with there love ones on earth safe and in your prayers plz continue to watch over them and help them grief along with the singer and child that died thank you and amen.


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