3 is better than 1

While being stuck to choose between to two men who were fighting over her. Alexandra couldn’t do it she couldn’t choose BC she found both of them hot and sexy. When it came time to choose she told them I can’t choose I rather have both of you right now in my bed making love to me. But before she could do anything she was cut off by a hot woman name layla saying not so fast they ain’t the only who happen to like you. Alexandra responded and who would that be I don’t see anyone else around. Thats when layla responded by going up and kissing Alexandra on the lips going into a deep hot kiss then to break away saying I’m the one who also happens to like you. After hearing that shocking news Alexandra grabs layla by the hand and yelling at the guys come to my bed with me now so we can have hot steamy sex. While making out with both guys she let layla eat her shaved wet pussy out while jacking both guys off at the same time. The moment when Alexandra and both of the guys came at the same time it was layla turn but when Alexandra grabbed layla hand saying it was her turn layla stopped her saying I got a song that will set the mood. She puts on a song called slow hands by niall horan and Alexandra said oooh I like this song then gets up and starts to slowly stripping her clothes off in front of them. Then layla gets up right close to Alexandra’s face and said I like you to her face so Alexandra said i just want to take me time to blow your mind then kisses layla deep while rubbing her pussy. While Alexandra was making out with layla the guys started rubbing themselves again getting all hot and horny. So things started to heat up with layla and Alexandra so théy took it to the shower and hot steamy shower sex while washing each others body while leaving the guys to fuck each other and make out.

The end



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