Fed Up

Wanting to go somewhere to escape but I can’t BC im stuck forever in one place only to visit ppl for a little while, I can’t help that im not successful in things or have a job like everyone one else, but its not right for u to treat me the way you do it’s not my fault im not perfect like everyone else, you try to make me feel like im dumb, no good, or I should be forgotten BC u think I’m worthless, im not worthless I may not be successful in somethings but I am in my own way weather you like it or not, you not going to try to drive me away BC im not going anywhere for a while unless I have to or visit ppl. Your just going to have to deal with the fact I am here weatherbyou like it or no so deal with it.

Do You Hear Me

I feel like I have to yell at you BC I don’t know if you hear me or not, Idk what to do anymore I feel like I’m drowning in a sea of blood from were my heart has been ripped out and shattered to many pieces, I feel like your punishing me by send me all the horrible men in my life or I’m not doing something right, what should I do should I continue to drown in that sea of blood or try to reach up to you so you can save me if you can save me, I feel like I need a sign to help me out to show me what I need to do BC I feel lost, I do believe in your but Idk what I should say or ask you in a prayer, I know one thing I would ask you is to take my hurt and pain away so I can heal and move on from it to be happy again. I need your help I also know I pray to you about the tomato plants and for the rain I hope you heard that loud and clear.